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Deep Waters Project
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  • Deep Waters Project is a Bible study journal built to help you take a passage of the Bible, process & understand it, extract truth, ask intentional, challenging questions based on those truths, and be transformed by it through applying what you learned to your life.


    • Full-color introduction to the DWP Process
    • A practical example of how to use the tool 
    • 100+ days of process pages
    • Annual Scripture Memorization Guide
    • 10 sets of lined "Additional notes" pages
    • 10 sets of blank "Additional Notes" pages
    • Community of others using the tool to compare learnings!


    ISBN: 979-8-9897694-1-4   |   GTIN: 860011483502

    • Full-color, guided walkthrough of the Deep Waters Process
    • Scripture Memorization spread
    • 100 days of daily spreads
    • Size: A5: 8.25"x5.5"
    • Cover: Soft-touch, texturized PU leather
    • Elastic Strap to keep journal closed

    How It Works


    Learn the Structure

    Learn the Structure

    Our full-color, step-by-step walkthrough of each section will help you understand its purpose and how to use it effectively, while also providing a full example for extra clarity.

    Prepare Your Heart

    Prepare Your Heart

    Our lives are busy, our minds are cluttered, distractions are plentiful. Before diving in each day, find a quiet spot, shut out the noise and be still. Start with prayer for the Lord to speak to you.

    Discover God's Word

    Discover God's Word

    Each portion of the process is carefully designed to guide you through the same methodology used by pastors around the world to pull deep and impactful learnings from your study time.

    Remember Scripture

    Remember Scripture

    Our monthly Verse Memorization page is designed to give you an attainable goal every year of memorizing 12 verses that you can add to your arsenal of weapons against the evil one!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will this journal last?

    We've designed each journal to last 14 weeks if you were to use it every single day.

    Is this for a specific Christian denomination?

    Nope! We've built this structure to appeal to all denominations of Christianity. Regardless of your background, if you're studying the Bible, this journal will be invaluable to you!

    How soon will my order be shipped?

    Assuming journals are in stock, all orders will ship within 1-2 business days. We will notify you if there is a reason for a longer delay.

    Where can I see daily Bible Study examples?

    Follow us on Instagram @DeepWatersProject to see examples from others just like you, as well as our own studies! Stay tuned for a YouTube video where we will also guide you through the process.