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Our Structure

How is Deep Waters Project designed and how will it help you study the Bible?

One of the greatest deficiencies many of us feel in our Bible study time is impact; we need a process for reading that takes us from "skimming" through long passages to digesting shorter excerpts; we need the Word to permeate our hearts and minds in a way that leaves us changed by what we've read. The DWP structure is one manner in which this can happen. Science tells us that, when a pastor or church leader asks an influential question, the listener internally answers it in a matter of milliseconds. By training your mind to dig for truths, turn those into questions and answer them, we create an environment where our hearts are more susceptible to fully believing the truths we read. We're excited for you to try this structure!

Our Mission

Why do we exist? What’s the heart behind Deep Waters Project?

Our heart from the beginning has always been simple: We want others to love the Bible. In talking with hundreds of men and women, we often hear people say that they "get bored or distracted easily", they "don't feel close to God when reading the Bible", or they don't know how to even start. Our first step in helping others with this was to create this journal. We want you to feel equipped with a system that will help you connect deeply with Jesus during your time in Scripture and give you confidence going into your study time. Even further, we will soon release reading plans; structures around certain books or topics to take you even deeper. We want you to treasure the Word of God. We hope DWP helps!

What Is Heart of a Man?

Heart of a Man is our parent organization, owner of the brand "Deep Waters Project" and is dedicated to building Christ-honoring men!

We're passionate about journals and Bible studies for men and women. We are also building an organization focused on giving men a place to process life, make friends, have fun, eat great food, drink perfected coffee, work out, and grow as a leader, husband, father, and friend. All of these are happening at Heart of a Man. Through Bible Study, small groups, leadership trainings, counseling, cookouts, competition, and a new facility we're building, every ounce of what we do is devoted to helping men grow, excel, and get energized. Each journal sale contributes to faith stories, to re-built relationships, to mended marriages, revitalized love between fathers and their children, and deepened faith in the hearts of men across Indianapolis and, prayerfully, the nation.


Our Structure

How will Deep Waters Project help you study the Bible?


Our Mission

What is the heart behind the Deep Waters Project Journal?


What Is Heart of a Man?

Heart of a Man is dedicated to building Christ-honoring leaders!

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